Escape Room

Math puzzles, logic tests, puzzle solving and teamwork. Participants must pass the different tests in the shortest time possible to break the code and finish the game.

Creating songs

With a musical basis, the participating students will be able to compose their own vocal and/or instrumental song. Incorporating the melody, vocal harmonies, body percussion or even acoustic musical instrument accompaniment.


This contest aims to encourage creativity and value teamwork, through the construction of a monument that will be revealed at the start of the competition.

Artistic photo

Through optical illusions created by artistic photography, we will get to know the artistic and cultural heritage of the cities where the Member Schools of the SEK International Institution are located.

Mathematical photo

Participants will show us that mathematics is present in the environment around us through creative photography.


The participants will develop their strategy in this ancient game that never goes out of fashion and has adapted well to the new technological era.

A look to the future

Participants will show innovative products, experiences or activities carried out in the Institution’s Schools.


Participants will discuss this interesting topic: “In the current pandemic situation, should the economy be prioritized over health?”


Through musical performances and choreographies, the participants will present the culture of each country.


The participants will present a video game with the theme of COVID 19, programmed by blocks or text-based programming language.


Participants in this contest will manage skills based on scientific method and communicate concepts from the world of science through scientific experiences.

Tik Tok

Participants are provided with a musical base, along with the lyrics, with which they must create and record a TIK TOK-style video that reflects the main motto of the music: “Juntos” / “Together”.